There are few easier ways of creating an instantly stylish feel for our working or home environments than some carefully-chosen top-end leather goods. It’s true that the ‘luxury’ tag to such products might lead you to assume these items are out of reach of most people’s pockets, but firms such as Lucrin have something to suit all budgets.
The leather items made by Lucrin are produced from premium quality leather, meaning they will last for years and still look great. One of the main reasons for leather’s enduring success, on top of its robustness, is its versatility, in that it can be produced in a very wide assortment of finishes. Fancy a full-grain finish, or the smoother touch of suede? Shagreen or calfskin? Metallic finishes or classic browns and beiges? It’s all available from
Although leather is used for many different purposes, one item that remains a must-have for most men is the leather wallet. Lucrin’s assortment of wallets includes all kinds of design features, which can cope with everything from loose change to cheque books.
It may get less use than your wallet, but you can still clock up the miles on a smart leather passport holder. Even if dark brown or black are hot favourites in terms of colours, more quirky colours may catch your eye, such as pink or purple.