Whether your preferred cue sport is American pool, snooker billiards or Russian pyramid, you’ll understand just how important it is to have a table that offers consistency over the long-term if you’re to improve your game. Cushions that give an even bounce, playfields that stay level – all these elements are crucial. The stakes are even higher the further up the professional ladder you go, so it’s interesting to see which tables are deemed suitable for the very best players in the world. If you’ve ever played on riley snooker tables, well, you’re in good company. You join the likes of greats of the sport such as John Higgins, Mark Selby and Jimmy White who have enjoyed playing on tables like the Riley Aristocrat Tournament Champion. This particular model of table was used in the World Championships between 1992 and 2009. The fact that the company has been in existence for so long helps, as it has had time to develop a great body of experience in this field. An uncompromising attitude towards quality that ensures that Riley’s raw materials, whether sourced from English textile works or Italian quarries, are always the finest available, is another key ingredient in their success.