Almost the first thing anyone thinking of getting into the stock market should do is scout out reliable brokers to facilitate their trading. Binary options brokers perform essentially the same kind of function as other brokers, providing the nuts and bolts services needed to actually carry out trades. In binary options trading, brokers usually take the shape of specialist internet platforms. There is a multitude of such websites on the net, so you may wonder how to choose between them? As is often the case on the web, taking time to look at reviews and forums to see what other traders are saying can really pay dividends. At the same time, for beginners it’s a good idea to set up another type of account, a binary options demo account. This will enable you to ‘practise’ trading without putting any of your money at risk. Naturally, any profits, as well as losses that you may make on this account are purely theoretical. If you feel you’re ready to trade binary options for real, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Sites offering higher returns will inevitably offer you little back if you call it wrong. Above all, always exercise caution.