Replacing the fridge freezer water filters on our American fridges might seem like nothing more than a bit of a chore, but we’d do well to remember that this little piece of equipment doesn’t just provide us with better-tasting drinking water – it can help protect our health too. Given that the right filter can stop all sorts of unpleasant things getting into our water – lead, copper, salmonella etc – isn’t it time that we started to pay a little more attention to  the quality of the replacement filters that we’re buying? There are a range of extremely efficient filters out there, including samsung fridge water filters, Bosch filters, models from LG and the sbs002 water filter from the Whirlpool stable. The effectiveness of such filters can easily be measured by the size of the particles that they are capable of filtering out – the best filters can cope with particles of copper that are no bigger than 0.5 microns in size. You should always make sure that regardless of the make of filter you purchase, it adheres to all requisite standards, norms and directives. Filters don’t just deliver cleaner water, they also offer peace of mind and a more environmentally-friendly alternative to bottled water.