Maybe you’re somebody who thinks that flipbook animation is a contradiction in terms? Well, it may be that flip book technology has moved on a little bit since the last time you took a close look at this format. Flash animations are just one small part of the rich media revolution that you can bring to your audience’s fingertips with an online brochure package from Webpublication. Other key elements include HD images, sound, contents tables and tabs, video and hypertext links. Sounds complicated? Well, it’s not. The latest software packages have been specifically designed for optimal ease of use – so it’s simple to produce stunning results in no time at all. If you need to tailor what you produce to fit in with your brand or corporate image, that’s no problem. There are enough colour, background and logo options to ensure that you can project exactly the image you’re looking for.

The other key words that describe the flip book nowadays are versatility and accessibility, as epitomized by the interactive pdf on ipad. This format can be accessed via a range of devices, including smartphones and ipads. It can also be embedded in a website or shared via social networking sites.