Many people who’d like to be able to play snooker or pool at home run up against one insurmountable obstacle – they don’t have quite enough room. There’s an ingenious way around this problem which is at least a hundred years old, but which works as well now as when it was first proposed. The snooker dining table is, as the name suggests, a table which can be used both to eat your dinner off and to play snooker or pool on! A simple sliding top is all it takes to transform it from a games table to a standard dining room table and turn your house into your own personal snooker hall! If you have a little more space available at home, then take a look at the internet site and the scores of different models of table they have to offer. There are tables to suit all budgets and tastes – in fact, many tables can be ‘customized’ to your personal preferences or your house’s décor. Different wood finishes, pockets and trims are all on the cards on models like the Riley Aristocrat. You may also be interested in the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of buying ex world championship tournament tables – it’s all there on the Riley internet site!