Online enquiry forms are a staple component of a large proportion of websites these days. So it’s a bit of a mystery where all the good form creators have gone.
In fact, FormForAll even boasts a package with a WordPress plugin for additional versatility.
Possibly the most outstanding characteristic of the FormForAll approach has been the focus on making it as user-friendly as possible. Drag and drop interfaces have a central role to play in all of this as they immensely facilitate form building.
The social login function also promises greater convenience. This option means Google and Facebook users can automatically transfer some of their personal details when they’re filling in their forms. Customization is also an important part of the attraction of this solution – you can select your font, colour, background colour and upload your logo to really stamp your corporate identity on your B2C communications.
The full range of features can be seen on
There’s no doubt that until you’ve seen what the different models of forms look like, it’s difficult to come to any firm conclusions.That’s why the short selection of forms available on the website is so useful.