Fed up that the summer’s already over? Well, you could raise your spirits by trying out the Modatoi website. With the coming of the colder weather, a priority has to be sorting out our winter footwear. It’s just as well that boots for today’s woman have our name written all over them. You could take a walk on the wild side with a fake alligator leather, leopardskin or zebra print model. Whatever you do, if your aim is to be at the cutting edge of winter footwear looks, you’ll need buckles. And lots and lots of them, generally speaking, in fact, anything up to 8 on a single boot. Other quirky little details abound, like metal studs running lengthwise down the boot, or out of control fur trimmings that cascade down almost to the floor.
You’ve jumped into Modatoi feet first, but you’ll find they’ve actually got lots more to offer than just shoes and boots. Consider Modatoi’s dresses for example. The flattering lines of the sweater dress are back in vogue in a range of monochrome and multi-coloured designs. In terms of colours, black is back, frequently in tandem with more vibrant shades rather than just on its own.